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The News section is where we showcase places where our #Awethors are featured. This includes blogs and book reviews or any other type of write-up. We also link to articles on writing if you find one you think would be helpful to the #Awethor community.

All submissions to the News section should be current as in occurring within the past month. The website featuring the news item should also be included. If the news item appeared in a print publication, please provide a scan.

Click here to submit a news item.

If you have questions about news items, please send them to news@awethors.com .


"Amassing the Arsenal"

Paul White has a great blog for writers.  It's full of advice, tips, and thought-provoking articles.

One such article talks about what writers need to be successful in our chosen field.  How do we prepare ourselves for the world stage?  What are different exercises we can perform to hone our skills? 


Blog Featuring Awethors

Karen Mossman has a wonderful blog full of book reviews and author spotlights.  She's featured several Awethors already!

These awethors include LG Surgeson, Suzi Albracht, and Christie Stratos, to name only a few.